Confucious the cat that started KittyCat Boutique!         Emma-Louise the owner

About Us
KittyCat Boutique aims to bring you the very best in cat collar attire.
We believe that fashion for cats should not compromise safety and functionality.
Our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK, by people who know and love animals.
If the products don't pass our tests - we don't sell it!
The KittyCat Boutique Story….
It all started several years ago with two cats called Lao Tzu and Confucious. At the time in the UK if you wanted a patterned collar, your choice was tartan. And if you wanted a cat collar, your choice was elastic.
Not knowing any better, I put the elastic collars on my cats. Big Mistake. I came home one day to find Confucious in distress with the elastic collar wrapped around her, holding her jaw open. The collars went in the bin. The cats got lots of tuna and catnip toys to help get them over the trauma.
My research began.
I found the break away buckle, and Kittycat Boutique safety cat collars was born!
Lao Tzu and Confucious are still here, proudly wearing their collars and changing styles with the seasons. They are now joined by their feline siblings, Professor, Mencius and Felix.
Meet The Owner
Emma-Louise is first and foremost an animal lover. She has a love for design and colour. Founding KittyCat Boutique is a true dream. Allowing her to combine her skills for design and her love of animals.
Emma-Louise talks about her worklife, "I feel truly lucky to get up and love going to work. When my customers share stories of their pets, I laugh and cry along. Although I don't get the chance to meet them, I feel like I know each and every one."
If you ever have any questions or suggestions please always feel free to contact Emma-Louise via email, telephone or snail mail. Details can be found on the contact page.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - Mahatma Gandhi


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