Customer Gallery

Cat Safety Collar Customer Gallery

If you would like a picture of your best-dressed cat sporting their Safety Cat Collar or playing with their catnip toy, feel free to contact us.

Smudge is a dedicated follower of fashion and likes to change her collar attire every week!
Willow wearing her new kitty bell - that'll keep the birds safe this summer!
Alfonzo has grown up!
Maine has grown up too!

Suki - Birdwatching!
Keito - sound a sleep!
Chloe Cat Safety CollarCoCo Cat Safety CollarCookie Cat Safety Collar

Maine Cat Safety CollarMercedes Cat Safety CollarSpike Cat Safety CollarWillow Cat Safety Collar

Our Cat Safety Collars are so comfortable that our feline friends can sleep, play, pounce, and be active in all the things that cats love to do!

Bailey Cat Safety Collar
Boo Boo Cat Safety CollarMonty Cat Safety Collar
Bailey loves to hang out on his scratch post!
What does Boo Boo see?
Monty relaxes on the floor,
oblivious to the world!

Maine Cat Safety CollarMillie Cat Safety CollarPepsi Cat Safety Collar
Nothing is too high for Maine to attain!
Millie just loves to be looked at...
She might look relaxed now, but Pepsi is ready to spring!

Alonzo Cat Safety CollarJinx Cat Safety CollarPetel Cat Safety Collar
Alonzo says, "How you doin?"
Could Jinx be any more relaxed or comfortable?
Petal enjoys a nap, uninhibited by her Safety Cat Collar.

Willow Cat Safety Collar PouncingWillow Cat Safety Collar WindowWillow Cat Safety Collar Back
Willow perches on a rock... is he going to pounce?
So many things
for Willow to see...
She even looks great from the back!

Our catnip toys drive even the most dignified cats wild! Even cats who normally ignore catnip love our toys!

August Catnip Cat Toy
Confucious Catnip Cat Toy

Nutkin Catnip Cat ToyScrappy Catnip Cat Toy

Customers may choose to have their cats' pictures removed or modified at any time.

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